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Computer simulation of drilling core

Drilling is a method of exploration and minerals mining. In an era of economy and struggle for energy resources, drilling becomes important in the world economy development. Drilling requires modern high requirements for technical and economic indicators. Drilling requires the use of an integrated approach in the scientific drilling processes study. The drilling model is a complex system. The model consists of mechanical, chemical, hydraulic, temperature states. Some drilling elements need to be studied at the micro level to achieve results reliability. Thus, the drilling processes study is a difficult task. Solving it with the usual methods is not always possible. Computer modeling is the most promising in this direction. Computer modeling is capable of:  maximize the research model to the real conditions,  reduce tool development time and costs, analysis of drilling processes,  visualize the result. The LabVIEW programming environment has a large set of add-ons a

Successful passing the exam for an international certificate LabVIEW CLD

January 15, 2018 In Russia, the second certification test of NI LabVIEW CLD (out of three) was successfully passed . From Ukraine there is only one passed -  (but it is proved that he works in the USA). There are 17 certified spesialists in Russia. I analysed that almost of them works in industrial enterprises, and only three - in research institutes. In this context, a person from a typical technical university - is an extraordinary event. Thanks to my family for moral support.

LabVIEW based mathematical model of building’s heat consumption with non-stationary processes

In this article , the issue of non-stationary processes heat consumption by public buildings for the energy efficiency analysis in heating buildings is being considered. It is justified that the most suitable parameter for adapting the model to the specific building’s conditions is the total heat capacity of everything that is inside the building. As a developed model adaptation’s result there are empirical dependence of total heat capacity has been established for schools. The developed model was used for building’s heating simulation with a cyclically changing load in order to establish the possibility to saving the energy. After passing the preparatory adaptation, the sufficient correspondence of numerical experiments and the practical data on measurement of temperatures are justified. The model was solved using the LabVIEW programming environment. The model is confirmed for schools in Donetsk, for each school, the number of experiments is equal to the number of info

Successful passing the exam for the international certificate LabVIEW CLAD

The CLAD certificate confirms the level of LabVIEW knowledge, as well as experience in the development and maintenance of automated test systems. The exam includes 40 questions in the test form. In English. Exam duration are 60 minutes. For reference: in Russia - 35 specialists for this certification level , in Ukraine - only one . 

2D CNC engraver controlled by LabVIEW

Exhibition of scientific works of students "NTTM MAN-2017". Under my leadership, students won the third place among the collective developments. The guys presented the design of 2D CNC engraver controlled by LabVIEW. We used this engraver for summer practice work in my department of computer design and modelling. And we have results! There is a some examples. 

International Scientific and Technical Conference "Informatics, control systems, mathematical and computer modeling"

 During the II International Scientific Forum "Innovative Perspectives of Donbass" on May 26, 2016, was held the VII International Scientific and Technical Conference "Informatics, Control Systems, Mathematical and Computer Simulation". The purpose of the conference was the development of creative and intellectual activity of students, graduate students and scientists, their involvement in solving urgent problems of computer science, the preservation and development of a single scientific and educational space, the establishment of contacts between future colleagues. The conference was organized by the Faculty of Computer Science and Technology in collaboration with the Council of Young Scientists and the Council of Student Self-Government of the Faculty. I was the main organizer. I also presented my scientific and practical works at the exhibition. The collection of conference materials consists of 600 pages. I am the producer of this book . The conferen

Solar tracker system with dual axis actuators

The aim of this work - researching and creating an automated system for optimal control of the solar pane with current and voltage control. I designed and programmed two hardware-software complexes. The first system located in the field. It is solar panel with controls and sensors.  System transmit the information wireless to the monitoring device. Second system - monitoring device placed in a different location (200 m) and consist from a data receiver and a computer with installed software. Transmitter Reciever


This program are create to find peaks and find a frequency of peaks in Hz. The virtual instrument was developed in LabVIEW. It allows:  Visualizing the recorded signal  Filting the signal from external noise Strengthening the signal Calculation of the duration between the first tones and the one tone duration. You can turn on Advanced mode with fine tuning of low pass filter and numbers of peaks. You can download it and use it for free.

Automation of shooting a physical stationary object

The photo-shooting system for the electronic museum's  materials was automated by Moskalyuk Taras - a student of the Computer Science and Technology Faculty, under the my guidance. Automation is performed using the Lego NXT technology, which significantly approximates the end of work and improves the quality of the footage. The new shooting technology allows to expand the possibilities of creating three-dimensional images, up to 180 images per model, without complicating the process of shooting and processing raw materials. Science article was written .