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Dean of KITA faculty Alexander Horhordin proposed this task. The current device was provided by the Department of Mechatronics. The micro controller program was developed by a man whom I respect very much - Dmitry Lebedenko. I developed a LabVIEW PID controller program. The result of the work was presented at the NI competition exhibition, a diploma was obtained. I note that it was a very interesting task, debugging and demonstration caused a sensation in the audience. I was pleased to work. And I am glad that I met Dmitry. The stand of automatic control an aerodynamic object is developed for practical application in education on disciplines: "Theory of automatic control in aerodynamic", "Mechatronic and Robotics", "Theory of mechanic". The presented object of the system of aerodynamic management is universal in area of teaching and carries in itself acquainting character with the practical systems. Universality of this setting is in that a s

I am the only one Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer in Ukraine

After a successful trip to Taganrog (Russia), it was decided to try luck in obtaining a Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD) certificate. The problem was one and the most important - the lack of representative NI office in Ukraine. And nobody tried. In fact, in Ukraine I was the first. The training center in Taganrog applied for Moscow to ask allowing to test me in Taganrog. Consent was been given. Since I studied on my own, I was nervous, knowing that such exams repeat the training courses. However, an example of an exam taken from the Internet showed that "everything is possible." At the appointed time, I crossed the border, and in due time I wrote the exam. I did not ask for help from the examiners, since in principle, the tasks were clear. Exam, of course, in English. After a while I received a confirmation and a certificate. Certificate for a period of 2 years. Why such a short time? NI correctly believes that in 2 years I must to grow to a higher l