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Low-cost input-output devices

The Computer Monitoring Systems Department (Donetsk National Technical University) developed stationary system for environmental and atmospheric monitoring. And Department developed the connection of laboratory instruments to a PC. Most of inexpensive gas analyzers, chromatographs, atmospheric sensors and other measuring equipment are equipped with analog outputs. However, ADCs with computer interfaces are expensive. Therefore, the Department has developed low-cost input-output devices that may be of interest to any organizations operating with monitoring and control. RS-232 oscilloscope 1 channel, the frequency of digitization - 14.4 kHz.  Digitalcity  - 8 bits. Measurement range: 0 .. + 5V. The driver is a self-propagating distributive with the NI LabVIEW virtual machine. The software contains the following functions: 1) RS-232 port setup; 2) waveform display; 5) scrolling and increasing graphics; 3) software synchronization; 4) manual software calibration