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International Scientific and Technical Conference "Informatics, control systems, mathematical and computer modeling"

 During the II International Scientific Forum "Innovative Perspectives of Donbass" on May 26, 2016, was held the VII International Scientific and Technical Conference "Informatics, Control Systems, Mathematical and Computer Simulation". The purpose of the conference was the development of creative and intellectual activity of students, graduate students and scientists, their involvement in solving urgent problems of computer science, the preservation and development of a single scientific and educational space, the establishment of contacts between future colleagues. The conference was organized by the Faculty of Computer Science and Technology in collaboration with the Council of Young Scientists and the Council of Student Self-Government of the Faculty. I was the main organizer. I also presented my scientific and practical works at the exhibition. The collection of conference materials consists of 600 pages. I am the producer of this book . The conferen

Solar tracker system with dual axis actuators

The aim of this work - researching and creating an automated system for optimal control of the solar pane with current and voltage control. I designed and programmed two hardware-software complexes. The first system located in the field. It is solar panel with controls and sensors.  System transmit the information wireless to the monitoring device. Second system - monitoring device placed in a different location (200 m) and consist from a data receiver and a computer with installed software. Transmitter Reciever