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Light and music hardware and software package Scene Director

Opportunity Description:
  • Management manual 8th (16, 24) channels of lighting equipment on stage with a visualization "what is happening" on the screen of a personal computer.
  • Create and play a special scene file in which a particular time playing a musical composition corresponds to a certain combination channels of lighting equipment.
  • Simulation programs on a virtual stage location lighting of a real scene with a choice of colors and sizes of devices, save the settings.
  • Automatic light-music based on the analysis of the Fourier series of a sound wave is generated by a PC, and from the microphone.
The program works with the following files:
  • a configuration file for lighting equipment in the virtual scene "lights configuration file"
  • the file of correspondence of the switching marks of the lighting equipment channels to the temporary positions of the corresponding music track "time marks file"
  • file of switching sequence of light devices "sequence file".
Additionally, with this program you can control the on / off household lighting, heating, cooling, venting devices, both in manual and automatic mode. Advantages compared with digital dimmers and DMX512-systems - the low cost and ease of operating with a PC.


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