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The thermostat in the boiler room

The complex performs automatic control of the boiler houses network  with the ability to monitor and adjust the algorithm through the global network.
Consists from hardware and software parts. Includes a thermostat in the boiler room and a manager.
Thermostat in the boiler room
The controller is a PC / 104 processor board (2xRS232, LPT, IDE, Ethernet, VGA, keyboard, mouse).
ROM - IDE M-Systems 256 Mb flash disk.
Sensors - case external temperature sensor (-40:+30°С); contact feed sensor (-5:+100°С), contact sensor of return water (-5:+100°С); Cabinet temperature sensor in the room (-5:+10°C). All sensors are built on thermistors.
Analog input - self-made device (4 analog inputs 8kHz -> RS232, galvanic isolation).
Discrete output - self-made device (Parallel port -> 8 relays);
Power supply, housing, a set of connecting wires.
Optionally - a CDMA modem with a directional antenna, a radio modem, a GSM modem, a wired telephone modem.
Software: Windows NT 4.0 SP6, LabVIEW Run-time Machine, Data Socket Server, thermostat program, manager program.
The program thermostat
Full automation of the boiler room operation. Implementation of on / off to 6 burners, control of one three-way valve. 
Implementation of the PID control algorithm. Table of PID coefficients for different types of buildings. 
Implementation of the 2 most common options for building heating circuits - with a pump on a small circuit and a pump on a large circuit; with the support of the effect of return water temperature and without. 
Realization of typical household settings of industrial thermostats: heating curves, day, night, weekend mode, timer, monthly circulation of the slave / master boiler, etc. 
Three-way valve control settings for different types of valves. 
Software restart of the entire system. 
Automatic software calibration of sensors using the approximation method. 
The ability to completely replace the thermostat program, without going to the site.
Separate distribution. No need to install additional packages and programs. Login by password. Monitoring the status of burners and temperature sensors. Forced on / off burners that do not affect the behavior of the temperature controller operation algorithm. Windows CE 6.0 module.
Data transfer
Accessing the Data Socket server installed on the site. Customizable access time. Customizable server broadcast time. The ability to receive / transmit data through the local network of the building, to which it is possible to connect the thermostat, or (if this is not possible) through a radio, GSM-, CDMA-, wired telephone modem. The maximum outgoing traffic of the thermostat (when transferring data with a frequency of 1 minute) is 40 MB. (for comparison, the minimum tariff of a CDMA connection offers the first 50 MB per month for free). OPC-server for connecting the thermostat to existing SCADA-systems.


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